Asian American Artist Still 98.6 Degrees

Margo Machida, a professor at the University of Connecticut, came by and selected eleven of my works to be exhibited at the Chinese Culture Center gallery in October.  Here’s the eleven she picked;

This exhibit is in conjunction with an exhibit at the de Young Museum also about past Asian American artists.  The ones exhibiting at the de Young have already assumed room temperature.

Whereas the ones at the Chinese Culture Center are still warm.Along with the exhibit, she would like to include a few pieces of art that influenced us.  The other two artist said that it was the Cuban posters that influenced them. 

She assumed those poster influenced all of us but I said, “no no no…not me!”.  I don’t want anyone walking up to me and saying, “wow…far out man…I didn’t know you like Cuban posters.”So I began telling her my influences.  And there are many;

The psychedellic posters of the Fillmore and Avalon Ballrom.  It was all over the place when I was in ninth grade.  The colors…the colors!

Zap Comics…Robert Crumb…wow…I loved  his pen and ink renderings in his comic renditions.  I bought the first Zap comic while I was a junior in high school.  I could just feel every line in his drawings.

Man…Rick Griffins pen and ink techniques were superb.  Such perfect cross hatching.

Steve Ditko’s drawings of the early Spiderman comics.  He is a master at drawing hands.

The image of a Chinese gung fu hero, Wong Fei Hung, played by Kwan Duk Hing, flickered on the silver screen of the Sun Sing Theatre on Grant Avenue in SF Chinatown.

Then there’s my father who sold lithographs of his paintings in our store, Fueng Wah Company.

I am also a connoisseur of vintage Shanghai posters.


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