Weird Dream

It’s storming outside so I took a nap in the afternoon.

I had to pee and some how I walked into an elementary school class while in session to use the restroom.  I jiggled the the restroom doors but they were all locked.  The teachers got all uptight at me.  They wanted to get me arrested for tresspassing on school grounds.

This kid wound up getting handcuffed and was crying at the top of his lungs like a block away from the school.  I helped him slip his hands out of the handcuffs.  I stuck the handcuffs in my pocket.  Getting away from the scene in a swimming motion floating through the night streets in what appeared to be Russian Hill by Union and Jones street .  

A  loupohna with her child from the school walking I wanted to avoid.  They were all out to get me arrested.  I can hear the sound of the handcuff chains in my pocket.  Walking by a cop whom was focused on something else.  If these cuffs are still in my pocket, then this is not a dream…. I thought … they are still after me!   *zzzzzzzz….pop!*

It was still storming outside.  4pm.  I got up to pee.


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