Prime Rib — First Time


For this year’s thanksgiving we did something different from the regular roasting of a turkey. We decided to roast a prime rib. Besides, the OL and the Mil did not get a free turkey. We’re kind of sick of eating turkey too.


Holy shit! $93.31 for a 9.34 lb. beef ribeye roast?! That’s the first time I ever bought a chunk of meat for that much.

I seasoned the roast with olive oil, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, vegetable seasoning. I poked a bunch of holes on the roast with a fork. I let it sit around for like six hours in the refrigerator till I began the roast.

This is the first time I ever attempted to make a prime rib roast. I referred to this website for instructions.


I seared the seasoned roast for over thirty minutes at 450 degrees on both sides. Then I turned down to heat to 350 degrees. Using a temperature probe I roasted it till the middle got to be 120 degrees.


Wow, it came out perfectly. Medium rare. Just as good as the House of Prime Rib.


I carved out ten slices, so that came out to about $10 a slice.

I’m surprised how easy it was to make.


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