A Ride to Locke, CA


Had a great ride going up to Locke with the RUG riders.

RUG is like a loose group of three groups.  The ROMEO’s (Retired Old Men Eating Out), Usual Suspects (a group of Ping Yuen boys) and Gorillas (just a group which TL named when he called us a bunch of gorillas).  What holds us together is that we’re mostly Chinese Americans and grew up in SF Chinatown.  Mostly about my age…in our fifties, sixties and even seventies.

They have been riding a lot together.  But I have not been riding with them.  Mainly because I did not have much confidence in going on the freeway and going at high speeds of 65 mph.

I’ve been riding my hog for about three years now and finally begin to have more confidence in going on the freeway.

The ride to Locke took about one and a half hours.  It was pretty smooth sailing.  Locke is a small little town, about two blocks long found by Chinese in the late 1800’s.  The last time I was in Locke was over thirty five years ago.  Apparently RUG ride up there two times a year.  It was the semi annual Rat Run, in honor of Rat.  I am not sure if I ever met Rat but it’s a memorial ride for him.  There’s a memorial wall in Locke where there’s a tile for Rat and Harding.


After offering some incense, it was time for lunch.  Over half the group wound up at Wimpy’s, five miles away.   Because I was taking my time checking out the town, I wound up staying in Locke and had lunch at Al The Wop…doesn’t seem to be much Chinese left in Locke anymore


The ride coming back was good till we hit heavy traffic.  I think there were only six of us in our little grouping.  It was very tiring in that stop and go traffic.  We eventually lost each other when I got to the San Mateo Bridge.  Marv and I rode back together up to SFO.

My shoulders were sore.  My hands were tired.  I should have taken a break before the San Mateo bridge.  My legs and stomach muscles were cramping up by the time I got into the city.


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