Grant Avenue circa 1915


A picture of Grant Avenue probably around 1915.

This was after the earthquake of 1906.  Cars for consumers were probably not introduced till the 1920’s and it probably took till the 1930’s that they replaced the horse and buggy.

The photographer of this photo was standing at the intersection of Commercial Place and Grant Avenue which is the 700th block of Grant Avenue.  This is looking south toward the 600th block of Grant Avenue where I was born and raised till I was eighteen years old.  Our store, Fueng Wah Company was located at 625 Grant Avenue.  That would be about between the first and second telephone poles further up the block.  In the foreground on the right where the Chop Suey sign is at is probably the Hang Far Low restaurant which later became the Four Seas Restaurant and most recently Mister Jiu’s restaurant.

My father did not have the store till sometimes in the 1940’s.  In 1915 he was still in China.  He didn’t come to the mountain of gold till 1916 at the age of twelve.



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