A Mental Picture of Leland Wong

mural and I

Can you believe I still get requests like this?

Hey Leland, can u design an event flier in exchange for tickets to the show plus exposure of your work such as placing your logo onto the flier?

OK…I admit I do get sucked into things like these things all the time.  It’s just the nature of doing art in the community.  I come from the days when doing things for the community was like a duty for the good of the community.  Always getting hit up to do free artwork and photography.  For the people!  People’s art!  Serve the people!  I’m crazy to be still thinking this way.  Not getting any money or very little money for doing art definitely does not bring food to the table nor money for my kids college tuitions.

Look at the recent Leway Reunion poster…that was free and I doubt if the Kanzaki’s are…

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