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Ten For April

Posted in Uncategorized on April 2, 2015 by lelandwong
  1. 1375109_10153063670906558_568110399995550091_nI have no drawing table set up in the house, therefore I have not drawn much at all since my residency at CHSA ended.  But I do have a drawing table in the doghouse.  But it’s full of junk on top.  Besides the doghouse is very claustrophobic.
  2. 11069616_10153063679991558_8477375115024152879_nI think it maybe time to get a new mac.  My old G4 is still on the old operating system and a lot of things are not working on it.  I’m using an old version of photoshop on it too.  Cashflow doesn’t allow me to get a new mac though.  I’ve been using this HP I bought at Costco for $900.
  3. 10806315_10153063674376558_2660034031356134576_nI’m going through a force partition and don’t know what will happen to me in the near future.  Don’t know where I will move to.  Don’t know where to move everything in this house.  Just plain don’t know…. I’m too old and tired to even think of it.
  4. 55484769.page018aAm I retired from wedding photography?  I guess so.  I look back at the work I did and say I did a good job.
  5. 69342648.xGTrwQa3.paer_pbasepaer0312I’m down to one battery for my Fuji S5.  That camera is eight years old!  A longtime for a digital camera.
  6. 10308096_10153065600441558_111420712188927126_nHad an exhibit of the anti-violence poster my workshop did at Manilatown a few months ago…but I still haven’t gotten paid yet!
  7. 14450_204677881557_2693715_nFile my taxes!
  8. 11076164_10153063671966558_6458246953470992152_nI bought the panel material for the mural at CHSA but haven’t had time to go down there to assemble the frames for the panels.
  9. LelandWong-YickGalleryFacade-1024x674Utopia nine dragons mural is still a work in progress.  The main problem is having to get in there around 9-10pm.  I’m usually doing something at that time if not PUOL.  I just bought some paint for it too.  Damn…seems like I’m not gonna get reimbursed for it.
  10. 10985902_951073411584496_3791648599437783312_nYear of the Horse.  Hope it’s a smooth gallop.  The house situation has me worried.