WGUISFCT 3rd annual Winterblast

WGUISFCT 3rd annual Winterblast

The 3rd annual WGUISFCT’s Winterblast will be happening tomorrow at the Chinese Historical Society. We are having our favorite band Jest Jammin’ again. It will be the first time doing the Winterblast at CHSA starting at 6pm and going into the the night at 11pm.

If you didn’t purchase your tickets already, it’s $40 at the door.

We’ve got all kinds of food! At 7pm we will have Tong Yuen (Winter Dumplings, Chicken Salad, Roast Pig, Sam Wo style Guen Fun (rice rolls), Chow Mein, Gailon Choi (Chinese broccoli). Then at 8pm we will be serving jiaozi (boiled chive dumplings). At 9pm we will be serving guotie (potstickers). At 10pm we’ll be serving sweeting tong yuen. I’m chef’ing this. Let me know how it tastes!

The Jest Jammin’ band will be playing all night.

See you there!


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