The Day the President Came to Chinatown


I was invited by the Ong family to attend the president’s speech at the Betty Ann Ong Chinese Recreation Center.

No big cameras were allowed so all I had was my iPhone5.

I had a bad fall the other week so I was hobbling around with a cane.  They allowed me to enter as a handicap person.  That’s a first for me.  I was able to sit down too.  The average person had to stand.  And they stood for more than two hours.  Supposedly there were 500 people in attendance but it seemed a little less than that.

The whole scene seemed artificial.  The gym of the recreation center was transformed into a television studio.  Draped with blue cloth on the walls and television studio lights professionally installed.  A huge American flag for the background.

Next time, Mr. President, just cut all that out and come to Porkchop House and have a roast pork lunch with us.



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