Certificate of Honor — Leland Wong Day


Executive director, Norman Fong, of Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC), came up with the ideal of honoring me and my photography of Chinatown at their second annual friends of CCDC event within about less than a month.

I didn’t have to do much for it.  The staff at CCDC clipped over 200 photos from my websites and made a ten minute powerpoint show out of it.


The event was held at the Francisco middle school’s Little Theater.  Norman had SF board of supervisors president come to present me this certificate of honor.  Originally Norman was gonna surprise me…but he didn’t want to give me a heart attack.


December 7th is Leland Wong day!  I was told that I get free parking on my day.  Don’t know how true that is though.  I mean… do I made a copy of this certificate and put it on my dashboard so the parking attendant can see it?  At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably be able to get a handicap placard soon.


I didn’t have much to say….but the regular thank you’s.


Well….forty five years of photographing around Chinatown.   I feel this will be my legacy.  People will maybe remember me for all the photos I did.  It will tell who we were and this place called Chinatown.



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