Stockton Street


Stockton Street seems to be the main drag for the markets and grocery stores now.  At one time Grant Avenue was the main drag and grocery stores, fish and meat markets were interspersed with the curio shops that catered to the tourists.


Nowadays it seems like Grant Avenue is mainly for the tourist shops.  Only at the last block are some markets and poultry stores.  The markets are mainly on Stockton Street along a three block area.


They are going to tear up Stockton Street soon to build the Central Subway…which in my opinion, will decentralize Chinatown.  First is how the businesses will survive the three to four years of construction.  It will be very hard to get goods to the store during the construction.  With the high rents they will have a very tough time.

ImageThen there’s the aftermath.  The land value will rise.  Property taxes will rise.  Along with rent.  The small time private shops will not afford the rent.  The residents cannot afford the high rents.  What we will see will be corporate businesses moving in.  There will be more gentrification happening.  Chinatown will not be the Chinese community it once was.  The only thing Chinese about Chinatown is the shell for the tourist on Grant Avenue.



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