First Semester at San Francisco State College


I often like to brag that my first semester at San Francisco State College’s tuition was only $72.  Today it’s about $3500 as my daughter is now in her third year there as a business major.  It has gone up more than 500% in ONLY forty one years!

I went straight from high school to SF State.  Coming from a predominantly Chinese and Asian American majority student body elementary school, junior high school and high school, SF State was a shock.

A lot of the older students were still hyped up about the third world strikes at SF State the prior year.  The Asian American studies department were in it’s infancy.  A lot of the classes were like rap sessions.

I was able to get into the art department in my second semester.  It was full to the capacity.  I was dissappointed with the art department but got into photography within the art department.

On the Asian American studies I wanted to get into the history of the Chinese in America but was dissapointed it was only a one semester class.  They had Cantonese classes in my first year which was pretty good.  In my last year I got into Chinese (Mandarin) as well.

I always took a PE class.  I got into swimming.  To this day, lap swimming is one of my regular exercises.  I got into judo too.

I stayed an extra two semesters to learn Chinese and finish up a GE requirement.  I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SF State.


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