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Xanga Refugee

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I keep hearing stuff about Xanga shutting down.   If it is…I guess I’m moving over here.  Supposedly I can load my blog archive from there over to here.  But till Xanga really shuts down, I’ll still be at Xanga.


Making War Against Chinese Laundries 1885

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Should have a drawing of me working into night too!

Chinese Laundries

chinee laundryman never sleeps


The above sketch depicts the dismal working space within the typical Chinese laundry. It makes one wonder how the Chinese laundries became such a threat to American workers that they wanted laws to restrict the growth of Chinese laundries as illustrated below in 1885.

makewar on laundrie


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What is Whiteness: Zimmerman, Asiana, and “What is Asia?” at the Asian Art Museum

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it’s that missionary syndrome.

asians art museum's samurai blog

What do The Asian and the Zimmerman trial have in common?The Asian's White Dominance

In 1988, Gayatri Spivak asked, “Can the Subaltern Speak?”  Sadly, a full quarter century later, the answer at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco is still, “Just barely.” For the Proximities 1 exhibition, the Asian Art Museum hired a white male curator with admittedly no background in Asian art to curate a show of contemporary work by local artists with a central theme of “What is Asia?”  This white curator in turn put together a show where six of the seven artists are white,  a number of whom—like Ruth Benedict—have never even been to Asia. What is “Asia”?  And who gets to answer?

“Does an artist or viewer have to be Asian or Asian American to consider the subject?” — Glen Helfand, guest curator, Asian Art Museum

“At the level of racial representation…  whites are not of a certain race, they’re just the human race.” —

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