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Here’s a few….

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  1. Cherry Blossom Festival just finished for the year.  I’ve been going and hanging around there.  Great live bands.  My involvement with the Mikoshi group at their food booth.  The first real sun for the year got my face a little sunburned and of course being involved in the parade as a Taru Mikoshi carrier for the thirteenth time.

    Taru Mikoshi--Cherry Blossom Parade

    Taru Mikoshi at Cherry Blossom Parade

  2. Phoenix Rising  I did a mural/background for the Cherry Blossom Festival stage.  I painted it in four days.  It was a very intense four days.  Rich Tokeshi helped out.
    stage mural

    Phoenix Rising

    Done in four days

  3. WGUISFCT Spring Gathering at Yee’s

    We Grew Up In SF Chinatown

    WGUISFCT at Yee's Restaurant

  4. WGUISFCT 1st Anniversary at Pork Chop House.

    WGUISFCT 1st anniversary at Pork Chop House forty-five strong

  5. Chinatown VFW Lunar New Year party

  6. Constance Spokesmodel Winner

  7. Little Mermaid Blanket

  8. Galileo Class of 70 Reunion

  9. How's this for a logo

  10. My Father at 12 years old