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Hey…waddup ma chigga

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How’s it going….well it’s another year.  2011.  I got a lot going on here.  Here’a what’s on the burner;

1.   Bay Area Day of Remembrance Working on the graphic for Bay Area Day of Remembrance again after a one year hiatus.  This is my fourth time doing it.  Last year they had someone else do it.  I must say, it looks like gao-see.  My design is a photograph of Manzanar by Dorothy Lange.  It has the American flag as the center piece and the row of barracks lined up in perspective.  I made it look like a night scene in blue with only the flag in color.

The flag flapping in the wind

Internment is a drag

2.   Window Blinds  Apartment #1 moved in and I found out the previous tenant removed the window blinds and put up these ugly dark curtains.  Now I am to replace it.  So I went to Home Depot and custom cut three blinds.  I knew it was gonna be two inches shorter, hoping it’ll work…it didn’t!  What a waste.  Now I’m going to Costco tomorrow and custom order a 66″ long window blind.

3.   Project 20 I was cited for the first time in my life for speeding.  I don’t know exactly how fast I was going, probably 70mph or so in a 65 mph zone, but I was just following the pack when I was  pulled over.  I couldn’t find my insurance form when the fascist pig asked for it.  A week later I got a bill for $704.  What the hell…I went to the walk-in court in San Rafael.  I got it reduced to $260 amidst paying about $200 in traffic school and other fees.  Hell no…I ain’t gonna pay the goddamn system $260.  I chose to work it off.  The Project 20 office in SF charged me another $40 to get assigned.  I chose to work it at Kimochi.  So here I am…washing dishes for three  hours a day.  I am to put in 26 hours….$10 an hour.  So that’s like nine  f*cking days.  So far I’ve put in twelve hours.  I’m pissed off!

4.  Mochitsuki  I participated in the mochitsuki by the SF Taru Mikoshi group.  It was held in Sebastopol last month.  Here’s a bunch of movies I’ve uploaded on YouTube.




Day of Remembrance

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doing the graphics again for DOR after a year hiatus. This is the fourth time I’m doing it.
This is from a photograph by Dorothy Lange of Manzanar internment camp. I made it like a night shot with only the flag colored.

Leilani’s New OM

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SF Taru Mikoshi’s Mochitsuki held in Sebastopol about a month ago.

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