Kimchi For Sale

My Kim Chi

My Kim Chi

I am getting pretty good at this kimchi making. This is probably my eighth batch. Too bad I cannot stand on the corner and sell my kimchi without the fear of being arrested. In these depressive times, it would really help if I can just go out and stand on a corner selling my kimchi, photograph portraits, sketch a caricature, do a gung fu demo, sell some artwork, sell some terrariums to make some money.

During the Great Depression, people sold apples on the sidewalk. We’re going through another Great Depression here…now why can’t we do the same. I see illegal immigrants sell vegetables and fruits on the corner. They sell ice cream from their carts. Why can’t I…

Oh…the kimchi is going for $8 for a 20 ounce jar and $20 for the 65 ounce jar. Will deliver in the city.


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