Fall Guy Hoon

Foh Gai Hoon means Turkey’s Butt in the Taishan dialect.

Foh Gai Hoon is basically a game of tag in which you cup your hand in a soft fist, making a circle with the index finger and thumb.   Then going around giving the turkey butt or preventing yourself from getting the turkey butt. 

It’s like a game of tag in which the person who is “it” with the Foh Gai Hoon has to touch someone else’s exposed chin with the index finger and thumb of the soft fist and loudly say, “Foh Gai Hoon!”  So that everyone else know that person now has the Foh Gai Hoon.

The person who is now “it” and has to tag someone else’s exposed chin. In the meantime, everyone is walking around with their chins covered. The person who is “it” is just waiting for anyone to have their guard down.

This game is easy and doesn’t require a lot of running around.  In fact, a game of Foh Gai Hoon can go on for days with no end.

I don’t know where this game originated from, but it was a game of my Chinatown childhood.  I don’t see my kids playing it nowadays.  I guess it’s another game that has been lost to computer games.  But you can keep this game alive by giving someone a Foh Gai Hoon today.

Another similar game we played is called “mung” but I’ll leave that one for another day.


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