Recession…Depression…It’s all Rock ‘n Roll To Me

Day of Remembrance; Shinto Ritual
I did the graphics for DOR….I photographed the event unofficially. I got there late. I was just interested in photographing the candle lighting ritual. This was for free….
electronic candles!
Electronic candles! First time I seen electrical LED candles. Got me thinking…should I get a bunch of those to have around the house for blackouts? Neh….maintaining the batteries is too much of a hassle.
the audience
This was a shot of the audience. It was dark and at 3200 ISO it was still a few seconds. I leaned against a wall for this shot.
the altarThe altar they bring out every year for this….just thinking that in a few hundred years from now…this can be a real ritual.
LED tea candles too!
Wow…LED tea candles too! Amazing!
DOR procession
A procession with the LED candles to JCCCNC for the reception.
DOR reception
I think they had better food last year.
DOR poster
The poster I designed for this event.
DOR postcard
The postcard I designed for this event.

grant avenue
well…I really feel the depression is upon us. My business has really slowed down significantly…to a point where I am considering employment. But what a terrible time to be looking for a job when we have more than 10% unemployment. And what can I do? I really don’t want to wind up in a closed environment with unhappy co-workers. I’ve done that before and don’t want to be in that kind of environment again.
That's you when you grow up

white liberals in Chinatown
A school of sharklovers coming to Chinatown telling what we could do and eat. They could just as well be missionaries coming to rescue us heathen chinee. I love shark fin soup! There’s plenty of sharks in the ocean.

hmmm….how come my photos get cropped here on wordpress???

Let me see…. I did the IMG route for the above, now let’s see what UL that square pic icon can do… let’s see….
How’s that??? Kinda small, but fits this format. I have to upload to wordpress though and this free account can only handle so much storage.


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