Hi Everybody!

well…it’s another year. I’m just wondering if it will be a Happy new year. The way the economy has effected my business, it hasn’t been very happy. I have to make some adjustments in how I live to weather this downturn however long it lasts.



I’ve got a real bad cold right now. It’s one of those coughing colds when I try to sleep. It just won’t allow me to sleep. So it’s very exhausting.

Last night I took one of those ‘night’ drugs hopefully to get a good night’s sleep. But it didn’t happen. I still coughed. It was weird though…it’s like I can’t cough yet my throat was very irritated and the only way to scratch it was to cough. So I had to conscienciously make myself cough. The harder the cough the more relieving it felt

On top of that my right heel hurts. Plantar facitis?

I’m gonna try and get a stronger cough medicine today…something with Guaifensin and Codeine.

Looks like I’m committing myself to do the DOR postcard again. I wanted to pass it onto RT to do since he’s a true Sansei…and I felt it was a matter of time someone in the community will say my design looks too Chinese like what a segment of the community say about my past Nihonmachi Street Fair posters.

I dunno why I should feel that way about this…in Chinatown a Japanese American artist has been designing the logo for the Lunar New Year parade for many years now. Does the Chinese community raise a big stink about that by saying his designs look too Japanese?

RK, a sansei, opened up Leway Inc., a community poolhall in C-Town. Did the Chinese community say his poolhall in the wrong place?

I’ve done the previous two years designs for the DOR event. Dealing with JH is not necessarily easy neither. She’s is very vague in what she wants to do from the outset. She tries to say too much on the card which will make it look too busy. So there’s usually a lot of revisions before going to press. As many as six revisions. Besides, I did this more as a thing for JTA. I hardly got paid much for it. I figured I’ll let RT do it this time.

RT and LS did this design which JH wanted to change after putting them through all that. RT basically stuck his face into the design. I personally wouldn’t do something like that…so I kinda understand. But to wait till it’s all done then tell them that is uncool.

I guess I am a very patient person as I did revision after revision. LS is retired so he doesn’t have the time and patience to put up with revisions and client quirks. So it looks like I am committed for this postcard again. I have two days to do it too….JH time.


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