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dave newman’s portrait class at GGS

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Hey! I’m going to be the trustee for Dave Newman’s portrait class at the Golden Gate School of Photography, June 23-25. The school will be held at the Mills College campus in Oakland. I was a student in that class probably eighteen or twenty years ago. I learned a lot of things which I still use today. It should be a great class and Dave has a lot to offer. Even those little squeakers which I still have in my camera bag after all these years.

There’s still room in the class and you can still enroll. Please join me!

Here’s the info:

Dave Newman, M.Photog.Cr.,CPP, API
Sandy, Utah
Beginning to Intermediate
June 23-25, 2008
Mills College, Oakland

About the Course
Mastering Portraiture

If you’re looking to refine your posing and lighting techniques, this class is for you!

Dave is one of the most quoted photographers when it comes to Camera Room Design and Posing of the human form. His posing and lighting rules and guidelines have become watchwords of our industry of today.

Each student will be armed with a triggering device, provided by the instructor, for individual hands-on capture of each set-up and posing design. Students will all work at their own level, be it basic or intermediate.

All topics are based on studio survival and success in professional portraiture. Subjects will include:

Passion of Lighting

Masterful Posing of the human form, from high school seniors to groups

Essentials of Outdoor Lighting

Essentials of Camera Room lighting

Understanding Digital Exposure

Working with the Camera’s Histogram

Jpeg and RAW advantages rediscovered

And much more!

Hope to see you there!


40,000 hits on one day at my Xanga blog!

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I posted this entry about a wedding in Sichuan when the earthquake hits. The church came tumbling down. Since then, it was picked up on the web and a lot of other blogs and what have you, posted this entry linking it to my blog. In one day, I’ve had over 40,000 hits from all over the world.

Come to think of it, it was most likely not on real the wedding day. In China, it’s fashionable to have a photo session usually a few days before the wedding where the studio would get a few couples together and go out together in a van to several locations for outdoor portraits.

Can you imagine what it was like to have been photographing a wedding in Sichuan, China when 7.9
earthquake hit and shakes for three minutes with the entire church crashing down? It was a good thing they weren’t doing the family formals at the altar at the time. (photos courtesy of Dragon Photo, ND Daily and

From what understand, the thirty-three people miraculously survived it. See the whole story here. It’s in Chinese.

…and let’s not forget about the victims of the cyclone in Burma too. Burma was one of my favorite countries in my travels.

Please give to a charity of your choice to aid the victims of the earthquake of Sichuan, China and the cyclone of Burma.