Obituary Portraits

Recently a couple whom I photographed their wedding over twenty years ago called me. Here I am expecting them to tell me that their children are getting married and they would love to hire me to photograph their wedding. But no….it was about the father of the bride passing away and they need an obituary portrait of him.

This is not the first time an old client called me asking for an obituary portrait. I do my business, search for the negative in my garage, bring it to my professional lab, they come to pick up the portrait. I try to sell them a frame to make a couple more extra bucks. And that’s it.

What gets me thinking is why don’t people get a portrait of themselves every four to five years? Come on….what’s so hard about getting a portrait done every few years. It’s not only for kids in schools, but for grown ups as well. Here’s what I charge for my portraiture services. Portrait Prices

Now…how to market this? Hey….don’t wait for your funeral to get a portrait done, do it today! Don’t make your kids having to search for a negative from your wedding to be used as a picture at your funeral. Along with the plot, get your portrait done now. Sounds ghoulish doesn’t it?

Hey….just get a portrait of yourself because it’s a cool thing to do.


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