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a super straight photography blog

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The Fish Head LadyOK…I’ve got this Xanga blog where I like to be funny and all that. Then photographer and IT tech Ken Lee tells me I ought to be careful of what I write in my blog. Any potential clients may be impressed with my website and work. But when they see my Xanga blog….”they want to run away”, according to Ken. No wonder I have experienced a sharp drop in wedding photography business!
Here with this blog, I guess I’ll have to be a little more warm and fuzzy. Don’t be the funny guy that I enjoy being. No jokes here. This blog is serious. We are going to only talk about photography. Not about my card collection from the Las Vegas strip, not about the funky t-shirt jobs I print, or my daughter’s graduation…just straight photography stuff!
Ken also told me that I should not link my Xanga site to my photography website. So…this will be my linked blog to my photography website from here on.

No more jokes from here on….just serious photography! Onward…with a serious face!