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haven’t been to Porkchop house like for two months.




29th Anniversary

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Here I am celebrating our 29th anniversary at Porkchop House.

Sixty Five!

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I quietly turned sixty five the other day.

I consider this birthday a landmark birthday… from here I am officially a senior citizen.

My adult working kids treated me to a hot pot dinner.

I tried getting a bunch of friends together at Porkchop House the next day to celebrate but only a few showed up… oh well.


How’s everything?

A bit relieved the lawsuit over family property is over. I got my wish of staying in the house I live in. I continue the “ancestral home”.

But the whole ordeal have left me broke. I’m starting from zero and having troubles paying my bills.

I have not started receiving social security yet. I hope to do so next year. It isn’t much since I have been self employed all these years. It doesn’t make sense… the MIL just immigrated here about seventeen years ago… worked maybe a year as a caregiver. And she gets more than me…plus section eight senior housing which only costs 20% of her social security. I will get two hundred less.

My knees are so stiff nowadays. Can’t practice my gung fu. Can’t walk so well. Soles of my feet ache often.

Maintenance of blood sugar is a constant battle. A1C is high.

My business has mostly come to a halt… no more t-shirt printing orders nor have I printed any of my own line. There’s a new inkjet printing process which would take me about $40k to get started. I’m more inclined to throw in the towel on that.

Photography is like agggh… no more wedding photography for me. I just don’t have the stamina for it.

People no longer put out the money to hire a professional photographer anymore. Ordering prints are not important anymore. Nor do they care for a nice photo album like before. They are just satisfied with seeing their images on a computer screen.

My last portrait job was weird… the client suddenly felt they were overcharged after the fact and wanted me to give some money back. I was compared to a guy who does things for free.

Okay enough ranting for now…

Happy 65th birthday! I am greeted at the gates of sixty five. I am a senior citizen!

Surrender Keys

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Whelp… a big chapter in my life has come to an end. The surrender of all the keys to the apt.

It is through this last act that I realize the burden on my shoulders all these yours are largely over.

That I am no longer in their shadows.

I had to give away my 1973 VW Bus which I have had since 1992. I really loved that bus. But it’s a real gas guzzler… only 12-14 city miles to a gallon. I have not driven it in a few years. The battery completely died. The tires needed air. The reverse seemed a bit frozen from the parking brakes.

I had to clear out a bunch of stuff. A lot of family history.

It was right up to the wire. I stayed all night. No one helped. I didn’t realize how tired I was till after I delivered the keys.

Some Drawings

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I’m like doing three to four a day.

I’ve been feeling lousy lately.

It’s Finally Finished

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That three years lawsuit over the family property with the sibs is finally over.

A bit of a relief. But still a bit disappointed that things had to turn out like this.

Now for the challenges ahead.

But really… it’s not for me. It’s for the next generation.

Hot Chili Oil

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I made my own hot chili oil… it’s really easy! Everyone have their own variation…here’s mine.

You need red chili peppers flakes. 3-4 cloves of minced garlic. A small handful of chopped fermented chinese black beans. Put it in a little pot.. glass jar…whatever.

Warm up about two cups of oil is a pot with some bay leaves, a couple of star anise and about a teaspoon of Sichuan peppercorns. Heat till a white smoke rises from the oil. Remove the bay leaves, anise and peppercorns.

Pour heated oil into the chili flakes mixture. Add a touch of black vinegar and sesame seed oil.

I made some Sichuan style wontons with the chili oil call Chao Shou 抄手 and it was out of this world!